Sunday, January 27, 2013

Who wants some squid and snails?

On the upside my lack of sleeping ability is great for my blogging. When I went to the Asian market I picked up some interesting things for dinner. I got bok choy and garlic to make my favorite recipe and this time I actually added in some of those amazing oyster mushrooms that I bought. (looking for my bok choy recipe? Click on the recipes tag at the end of this post and look back a few posts, it's super yummy) Essentially you slice up the bok choy, garlic, and mushrooms, then sauté them in olive oil and soy sauce.
Then I took the cleaned squid (yum!) and sliced the tops (not sure what they're called lol) into strips, then made sure to remove the eyeballs since they gave me the heebes and just chopped off the tentacles (can't skip out the on the tentacles).
Then I tossed the squid and snail meat (remember the snail meat I bought?) into a hot wok with some soy sauce and mix them around. If you cut thin strips like I did you only want to have them in the pan for about 3 minutes or they will get rubbery and chewy. Also snail meat is pretty rubbery to begin with so you don't want to over cook it, otherwise it will taste like you're munching on rubber.
Then I put the squid and snails over some nice jasmine rice and plated it with the mushrooms and bok choy. I separated them on my place for easier photos, but you can mix them together not he plate if you choose. The other reason I chose not to cook them together is because I made extra bok choy and mushrooms to use for dumpling filling a night or two later and wanted to use a different meat in them.

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