Monday, January 14, 2013

Ornament wreath

I finally getting a chance to post this just in time for the holidays to be over and for me to take my wreath off my door at work. I wanted to try and make one of the ornament wreaths that I saw on Pintrest this year, though I'm really not very good with a hot glue gun. I looked at tons of different tutorials and none of them were too good, so in true Maeve fashion I bought the supplies and figured I would wing it.
I tried to take photos step by step to show what I did as well. To save money (we all know I'm cheap) instead of spending $8 on a wreath form at Michael's I went to home depot and bought a long piece of foam pipe insulation from the plumbing department. It only cost me $1.76! I cut it to the size I wanted and attached the two ends with a piece of duct tape. I read where a lot of people used hot glue to attach the ends, but I found the foam melted to quickly and didn't hold very well so I went for the handyman's secret weapon.

Step one: assemble all your items! I used pipe insulation from home depot, a glue gun, tons of ornaments from the dollar store. Trust me you will end up using far more ornaments than you would think. I ended up using ten sleeves of ornaments.

Step two: decide on your wreath size and create a circle from the foam.

Step three: start glueing! I found the best way was to put the glue on the ornament and then press the ornament onto the foam. That way you don't melt the foam as much as putting the glue directly on the foam would. You will have a little bit of melting, but this will keep it from being too bad. There wasn't much rhyme or reason to how I glued them on, and I did it in a couple layers so some of the ornaments are glued on top of other ornaments without touching the foam.

Step four: don't be worried if you have to adjust the size, to make sure my wreath stayed as round as possible. I had to cut about a 1/2 inch of foam, that's why my duct tape has masking tape over it, I misplaced the duct tape.

Step five: hang the wreath and stand back to admire your work! You can put some wire through the foam, but I was able to hang it on my hanger without any extra wire.

Good luck, it's not for the faint of heart and it took me about 4 hours to complete, but I got tons of compliments when I put it on my office door. Everyone was very impressed when I admitted I made it myself.

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