Monday, January 21, 2013

Adventure! To the Asian supermarket part 2

So part two revolves around all the snack food I bought at the Asian supermarket. As I said in my previous post, I often can't understand the labels other than the pictures, so I just need to hope that what's on the package is actually what's inside the package!
I picked up some pocky, always a good treat, I like to keep them in my desk drawer because they're a little sweet treat without being overwhelming. Pocky is something I picked up while I was attending UAlbany because they used to sell it at the student union, they had a very large Japanese population at UAlbany.
I also got a box of meltyblend which is a super smooth piece of chocolate. I think I am in love with meltyblend because the pieces are small, but they really do melt in your mouth. I not going to lie, I bought 2 more boxes when I went back to pick up some more dumpling wrappers a couple days later. They were a little pricy... $3.99 a box, but not bad. They had a couple different flavors, I got the milk chocolate the first time, the second time I got another milk chocolate and one strawberry covered chocolate so the outside of the candy was chocolate flavored and the inside was strawberry. They also had a dark chocolate and a coffee flavor that I haven't tried yet.
I also decided to try some crispy nori sheets. I got the teriyaki flavor, and they also had some wasabi on them as well. I really don't like spicy stuff, especially wasabi, so this really wasn't up my alley at all, but it was neat to try. I won't be buying it again though, I'm not gonna lie....
I also bought some mango gummies, those were awesome! I could not stop eating those, they really tasted like mango, not like artificial mango. Then I also picked up some gummie clown fish. That's right, I bought gummie nemos. I didn't even know they existed, they were pretty lackluster and kind of stale, but it was really more of the wow factor, lol.
I hope you enjoyed part two of my shopping trip, I can't wait to share what I made from part one of my trip!

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