Friday, January 11, 2013

Trader joes!

On Sunday I went to the farmers market, but didn't find much for me. I did however pick out all my stuff for January's foodie penpal, she'll be getting a box of items from the Schenectady green market, so more about that on the 31st.
Since I can't really talk about my trip to the farmers market, I don't want to ruin "healthy gamer girl's" surprise, on the upside I also took my first visit to our new trader joes! It's been here a while, but I've been so busy I haven't had a chance to go yet. Love the trader joes in cape cod so I was psyched when they brought one to Albany.
One of my regular members was very excited when they came in and his favorite part was the 19 cent bananas because he felt that they cost too much money at the regular stores. So I made sure to take a photo of the 19 cent bananas.
I also really love their sample station. I used to be the sampling manager when I worked at hannaford so I always seek out the sampling station to check it out. While we were there, we sampled creamy tomato soup, peach juice, and yummy Gorgonzola snack crackers.
On the way out I managed to get one good impulse buy in of some candy. I also go some Brie with wild mushrooms, it was very creamy, though the bits of mushroom where very finely chopped and kind f far and few between so it didn't have much extra flavor.
As far as the other stuff I picked up, we got some tiny fingerling potatoes, frozen artichoke hearts, brussels sprouts, and a garlic herb pizza dough for dad. We also bought some ravioli like pasta with prosciutto, it was ok though I didn't really taste the prosciutto flavor.I also picked up some orangina which is a yummy sparkling orange juice drink that I used to get when I was a kid from the health food store down the street from my dads bookstore.
We cooked the pizza dough the next night and I really wasn't a fan, trader joes kind of let us down there. The flavor was very strong, but the dough wasn't very fluffy.
Hope you enjoyed the trip to trader joes, stay tuned for some more cooking and shopping adventures with Maeve!

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