Saturday, January 26, 2013

Plum Dandy!

More froyo have I mentioned that's one of my new weaknesses, it's so yummy and fun, plus since its low to no fat I don't feel so horrible. Also there are always so many toppings to try out. There is a great place in downtown Saratoga springs called Plum Dandy. The yogurt was kind of meh, basic flavors euro tart, chocolate, strawberry, cake batter, vanilla, the standards so nothing to write home about there. Feel free to check out their website but it doesn't really list flavors. Where they did stand out was the atmosphere, as you can see I took a bunch of photos of the decor because it was really nice. They also offer a lot of discounts, open mic nights, etc so you can tell they're really working to get a good crowd in there. They also had waffle bowls! I love a good waffle bowl, they always make me smile.
I'm not going to rush back there right away , but when I'm in downtown Saratoga I would consider stopping in again, though I won't lie. There is a great gelato place across the street so it might be kind of a hard sell.

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