Saturday, March 17, 2012

Designs by Maeve

Got the business cards in the mail now I just need to get some stuff in the etsy shop and I'm on my way!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oreo cake!

Made a cake on Thursday night to bring into work for one of my coworker's birthdays. He's the kind of guy who eats mostly healthy foods, but I know he likes Oreos, so this cake was a no brainer.
It was delicious, two devils food cakes with a yummy cream center and crushed up Oreo cookies. Then a chocolate glaze on the top.
It was super yummy and got devoured at work!

Mac and cheese bowl

Finally sitting down to catch up on my blogging. This was the 3rd annual Mac and cheese bowl to benefit the regional food bank of northeastern NY. The regional food bank is a great charity, the company I work for helped raise a ton of food to be donated. The winners of the event are not important, as I didn't really like any of the winners.
I will start with one of the winners, not because it was really yummy, but it was odd. The first photo is that one. It's from Angelo's 677 Prime and was Bacon Cheeseburger Mac, they plated it as a deconstructed dish, layering each component separately. It tasted like a big mac from McDonalds, not bad, but just such an odd taste.
Now on to the good ones! My favorite was from Wolff's Biergarten sadly no photo since it was so yummy I ate it. They were the only restaurant that nailed the consistency. It was creamy and had smoked ham in it. Yum! Most of the Mac and cheese had a very grainy texture.
Second favorite has to go to local grocery store chain price chopper. As much as I hate to admit it their Lobster Mac and Cheese was very good. It had a nice texture and large chunks of lobster. That is the other photo posted below.
Honorable mention to Maggie's Cafe which was a nice plain mac and cheese. Other than those most were either not executed well or just too bizarre. Some like the pasta factory just needed a little tweaking with some salt. There were two taco Mac and cheese places, the first one didn't look good so two seemed like a bad idea. There was also saati deli & catering that had a pastrami mac and cheese... Again why?
I learned that while I love Mac and Cheese I do not love weird Mac and Cheese.... Or most of the ones made by local restaurants.