Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Culinary Hero: Anthony Bourdain

So I'm camped out in bed watching no reservations with Anthony Bourdain. If you're looking to read a great book by a chef and I've read many, his is at the top of my list, followed closely by Gordon Ramsey's, but really read Bourdain's first, i promise you wont be disappointed if you like food and debauchery. He's one of my favorite chefs and hosts and it's the San Francisco episode. This is a city on my culinary bucket list so I may be taking some notes here via my blog so I don't forget. I think the best quite I just heard which pretty much sums up why I love him is when he arrived he said "I'm famously unenthusiastic shall we say about vegans, but I enjoy bacon" if you can't read that sentence and immediately understand why I love Bourdain than I can't help you. So his first stop is Pirate Cat Radio where they have a maple bacon latte. It takes 10 pounds of bacon to make four ounces of refined bacon that goes into this beverage. I'm in!!! Wen I visit San Fransico I insist on beginning my day with one of these and god help anyone who tries to stop me.
Also I was unaware they love bacon so much in SF...l but obviously this is my Mecca. So many hippies... But also so much bacon, who would have guessed!
Oh boy he's hitting up the food trucks on international blvd, I'm so in. The food truck scene is so much different on the west coast than here on the east coast. I grew up here on the east coast where you start out thinking of NYC street food, usually something you aren't sure if you want to eat, but you always have to try it anyway. I can't go to NYC with out getting a dirty water hotdog and a soft pretzel, it's just one of those rules. While the gourmet food truck scene is just taking off here in the last 2 years they've been killing us with amazing street food on the west coast for years.
Also adding to my bucket list because everything he ate there looked amazing!! He also heads to japantown looking for dungeoness crab, one of my favorite things on the planet so where ever he ends up I'm in. Omg it looks amazing... Salt and pepper crab just eating it straight up... Sadly their website is under construction, but I'm bookmarking this for later .
Wen I finally make it there this is going to be an expensive food trip... On the upside not as bad as Vegas or Austin, Texas.

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