Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas appetizer.... With bacon!

Since I served Christmas dinner for everyone here this year I had some appetizers, dips and things to have out before the meal while people are chatting and opening presents. Plus that's usually the time I'm int he kitchen rushing around getting the meal finished so it keeps everyone in the living room and out of my hair.
I saw the lazy guy on the pilsbury commercial make these bacon cheddar pinwheels and decided they would be perfect. Of course since its me I didn't go on the website and look up the recipe I decided to just wing it. So here's what I ended up doing.
First I cooked my bacon on a sheet pan in the oven. I did it this way for a couple different reason, one because I had to make a ton of bacon for multiple components of my meal, and also because it's less messy than the stovetop. To cook the bacon you lay the bacon on on some parchment paper on the cookie sheet and then cover it with bacon. Then put the pans in a cold oven and turn it up to 375 and cook for 20 minutes. The foil keeps it from getting burned and also from getting oil all over your oven.
Then I layer out the crescent roll and add a layer of shredded cheese. I chose a Monterey jack blend rather than just a straight cheddar. Then I add a layer of chopped bacon and roll it up. This is where it got a little tricky because I had to slice them without ripping or smashing them. I found a sharp knife (not serrated) and kind of a sawing motion worked the best. I did slices that were about 1/2 inch thick.
Make sure you grease the pans well and cook at 400 for about 12 minutes or until golden brown and the cheese is melted. They were easy to make and a big hit.

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