Friday, January 11, 2013

Bill's Bar & Burger, Atlantic City NJ

I love staying at harrah's in Atlantic city, we went in December and were looking for dinner on Tuesday night when the buffet at the casino was closed. We were going to go to Sammy D's, but after 10 minutes and a horrible experience with the waiter there we left in a rather bad mood.
We decided to head across the casino floor and check out Bill's Bar & Grill. We were very pleased, the service was exceptional and the food was nice, casual, fresh, and affordable.
We had a grilled shrimp burger, which was great, very moist and had a good flavor, seasoned but not too spicy. It was topped with coleslaw and tarter sauce and came with a pickle. Got a side salad to make it healthy. Also got an order of corn dogs and some disco fries! The corn dogs were good (and I'm a corndog freak) the disco fries (fries smothered in cheese sauce and gravy) were mediocre. They were well intentioned, but compared to the well made shrimp burger and even the crisp corn dogs they seemed very artificial and just like frozen fries covered in canned cheese sauce and canned gravy. I've had them done much better, but overall the meal was pretty good, plus good service goes a long way in my book.

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