Saturday, January 19, 2013

Adventure! To the Asian supermarket part 1

This is a couple days old, but recently I took a trip to the Asian supermarket (that's literally the name) I had a fret trip, they had some cool stuff and I always love their produce section. I bought some ramune to drink (melon flavor of course) and also restocked my supply of soy sauce. Then I came across ponzu sauce, which I had heard chef morimoto use on iron chef so you know I had to pick some up. It's actually pretty good, it's a citrus infused soy sauce, I ended up using it like a soy sauce on strips of zucchini where it really brightened up the dish.
From the meat and seafood sections (they have a great meat and seafood section) I picked up some duck wings to roast, some cleaned squid, and snail meat. You can also see in this photo I picked up some dumpling wrappers (more about those in a later post). They have great seafood, everything from fresh fish (some of it still swimming in tanks), turtles, crabs, shrimp, and lots of sushi grade fresh fish. The meat section is also nice, they have whole cleaned duck for 3.99 a pound (usually double that and frozen at a regular store) they also had pork belly, which I've been dying to try and cook. I didn't have the guts to pick it up this last trip, but it's on my radar for future trips.
Next over to the veggies! I bought tons of bok choy for only 99 cents a pound, some mini eggplants, garlic, and a giant bag of oyster mushrooms. The mushrooms were gorgeous and again if I haven't stressed it enough the prices were great. I got all of this stuff on my shopping trip (including the snacks you will see in part two) for only $55.
They had whole sugar canes, which were almost as tall as me and really pretty looking dragon fruit. They also had sweet longan out to try. I had never had it (obviously) and figured why not give it a shot. It was interesting because it had a hard shell, the outside kind of reminded me of a peanut shell in strength not in texture. I took a whole one and broke it open and tasted it. It was pretty good kind of meaty texture and not too sweet. It reminded me of a grape on the inside, and it has a big seed in the center.
Part two to come, that details all the yummy snacks and junk food I bought on the trip.

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