Monday, November 12, 2012

Sweet, Boston MA

So last Sunday my company sponsored an employee bus trip to boston. It was a great trip and my friend Sue and I planned a relaxing cheap day together. More to come on the trip but we stopped at a cupcakery called Sweet for an afternoon pick us up. I can go either way with cupcakes sometimes they are too dry or two sweet, but these were actually very good.
The cupcakery had a cute pink interior, it had kind of a Parisian feel to it and they had many different kinds of cupcakes including gluten free and vegan cupcakes.
As you can see Sue and I bought two cupcakes and split them, one chocolate orange and one s'mores flavored cupcake. There were a bunch of other flavors that looked yummy, like the caramel apple, but we didn't want to go crazy.
The cake was good, not too dry and the icing was fluffy and not too sweet. The chocolate orange was a buttercream frosting and the s'mores actually was a marshmallow topping that had been toasted. The other neat thing about the s'mores cupcake was that on the bottom of the cake was a layer of gram cracker and it was a chocolate cake so it really tasted like a s'more.
If you're in the Boston area I highly recommend a trip to Sweet. Check out their website for more information and directions, it was so worth it !

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