Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Farmers market Sunday!

So Sunday was a could days ago, but with the shortened work week I haven't had much time to blog. Now that it's thanksgiving eve and I had a nice meal of chinese food and cheesecakes are in the oven I can relax.
More about the cheesecakes later, you won't get my recipe out of me since it's one of my secrets, but I'll certainly post some photos. This year I'm making plain cheesecake with a salted caramel sauce and sautéed apples. So excited!
Before I get carried away thinking about thanksgiving cooking lets recap Sunday's trip.
First photos shows my veggies, I got a couple bunches of bok choy, which I had never cooked before, but it was so fresh and yummy looking I figured I could make something up. I also got two bunches of carrots, one regular and one called purple haze, they taste the same they just look way cooler. Also got some adirondack blue potatoes, yum!
I also got some sweet treats this week. I got a cranberry orange scone, which was a little on the sweet side, but good. I also got some lavender shortbread cookies from Wellington herbs in schoharie, where I normally get my lemon thyme cookies. It was a really nice change and they were super yummy. The lavender was very faint, but you could taste it a little bit. The last sweet was a donut with maple Bavarian cream filling.
The donut was seriously good. It was actually from the same place that I got my foodie pen pal the maple cotton candy from last month. They make them fresh at the farmers market in the morning so they don't get soggy. Normally I'm not one for donuts, but it wasn't overly sweet. The donut itself wasn't much to write home about, but the filling, oh my goodness!!!

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