Thursday, November 15, 2012

Boston's Quincey Market

So on my trip to Boston my friend Sue and I spent a bunch of time at Quincey market and had both lunch and dinner there. Here are some awesome photos from the trip, including one of me in front of a giant macaroni noodle sculpture. It had no explanation it was just in the middle of the square and i love macaroni and cheese so I needed my photo with it of course.
I also had sue take my photo with a vending machine outside the new England aquarium which has a spectacular penguin habitat. It you've never been I highly recommend visiting as it is a great aquarium. One of their vending machines outside has a penguin on it! And I loooove penguins! I was very excited when I saw it.
I love the food court at Quincey market, I usually have to walk up and down the hallway twice before I decide where to eat. For lunch I stopped at a paninni shop (I wish I could remember the name, but I paid cash so no record on my card either) it was very yummy looking, they had tons of different ones. I chose the smoked salmon paninni, it had cream cheese, smoked salmon, and cucumber which added a nice crunch to the sandwich. It also had good bread which is important for a paninni.
For dinner it had gotten pretty cold so I wanted something nice and warm. In Boston that means clam chowder. I've written About chowder before and I do have some strong feelings about it. This was good chowder, not chowda which is much thicker, but a good commercial style chowder. It had large chunks of clam and potatoes, plus it came in a bread bowl. In Boston, on a cold night, having a bread bowl of chowder is absolutely the best thing ever. And honestly, though I normally prefer a thick chowda, when you're having it in a bread bowl thinner is a bit better because it will soak into the bread. I took a photo of the sign for the chowder company in case you want to check it out. There are many places selling bread bowl chowders in Quincey market so look around and check it out!

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