Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bet you....

Thought I was exaggerating about my love of Martha Stewart. Not even, the proof came in the mail yesterday just in time for thanksgiving! I have a subscription to Martha Stewart living AND Martha Stewart living food. I also have subscriptions to money magazine, entrepreneur magazine, and US weekly for a little tabloid flavor. I consider myself a renaissance woman in that way.
Enjoying thanksgiving though stressful as usual. The turkey is in the oven, the stuffing has been cooked, still need to mash potatoes with garlic and cheddar (skins on so I don't loose the nutrients), and I think some roasted carrots since I still have some left from the farmers market on Sunday that need to e used. I gave in this year and settled on a 15 lb turkey. I can't lie I usually god overboard for the holidays, one year I bought two turkeys, in all fairness I was cooking for 8 people and a couple stragglers, but there's always too much food. There is even too much food this year, even though the whole time I was cooking I said to myself, gosh my list of foods seems so small this year. Without fail when everything is stuffed on the table it will look like there's no actual room to eat.
Hope everyone enjoys their thanksgiving as much as I do! Happy thanksgiving everybody!

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