Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pig candy!?!?!

You all know how much I love bacon and pork. Actually one of my members brought in a present for me to my old boss and it was a piggy bank. She said it was because I like pigs so much, mind you my office is loaded with penguins not pigs, but when my old boss sent it to my new office he told me the story.... All I could think was "well I do love pig products"
This summer I was in Rochester, NY at park ave fest, which is a huge art and music festival every August. I was taking my walk down the street, the festival spans about 8 large city blocks and as I was walking I passed a sign for a BBQ stand from a new restaurant in east Rochester, good smoke BBQ. And on the sign two words just spoke to me.... Like they knew I was about to walk by and they were written there just for me..... "pig candy"
You know there was not a chance I could walk away without getting my hands on some pig candy and at that point I had no idea what it even was. I just knew I needed to have whatever it was!
What I got was some very good bacon, tossed in their spice rub and signature BBQ sauce. It was in a word.... Amazing! It may have increased my love of pig products and bacon, something I didn't even know was possible. Their rub had just the right amount of smoke and heat, without too much spice. The sauce was perfect, not too sweet and kept the heat from the rub at bay. Wash it all down with an ice cold coke and that's what I call the American dream!

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