Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy October!

I love October, it's one of my favorite months. Mostly because of Halloween, I love costumes and giving out presents. If only I could cook a giant meal and feed people too! I've always figured that if I could combine Halloween, thanksgiving, and christmas It would be amazing! My head might also explode with ideas and stuff to do.

In honor of October here is one of my favorite crafty projects! Vampire mini pumpkins! It's super easy and they always look cute on my desk. Last year I made one for everyone in my branch and they got tons of compliments. And you only need 3 things.

A mini pumpkin/gourd (you want one of the "taller" ones. If you find the round ones instead of the smushed ones they work better)
Red tipped sewing pins (I have pearlized red ones cuz they look hardcore, I got them at joann's)
A set of vampire teeth

All you do is cut a hole for the teeth then push the pins in for the eyes. I've also seen people who use one thin coat of white paint to make them pale too! Too much mess for me.

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