Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Foodie pen pals October

October was my first month as part of the foodie pen pal program and it was awesome. Now that it's 12:08am on the 31st I can post about the loot I scored.
I received a package from Jason over at www.maurpowerfoodie.wordpress.com he sent me some very cool items. I got a nice letter from Jason telling me about all the items as well as a couple of his favorite breakfast recipes for impressing company. I don't often have breakfast company, but I can't wait to make them anyway and I bet they'll be great this holiday season.
I got a metal tin full of hot chocolate, which I am drinking as I write this. It is super yummy and smelled amazing just when I opened the tin! it also doubles as a piggy bank which is awesome since I work for a credit union and one of my big goals at work is saving members money.
I also received a carton of organic pumpkin purée, great for some fall recipes. I have to find something yummy to make, I don't want to waste it on a pie. A box of organic fettuccine, some ginger peach tea, which I meant to open last week when I had the flu, but forgot I had it. No need to worry because with the amount of hands I shake on a weekly basis there is no doubt I will get sick again, flu shot or no flu shot.
Jason also sent me a yummy looking Forrest mint bar of dark chocolate. I have been waiting for the perfect reason to enjoy this as a treat.

I sent some yummy local treats to new Mexico for my part of the swap over to Stacy at http://www.creatingsweetsmiles.com/ so make sure you check out her blog to see exactly what I packed up for her.

Think this sounds like tons of fun? Check out the lean green bean blog for more information.
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  1. Maeve, I just posted my package from you:


    Thank you so much for the amazing package!