Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dear Santa,

If you're reading this there is one thing I really want for Christmas. I really don't need much, I wouldn't turn down a new coach purse, but only if you buy it at the outlet. Don't pay retail for over priced purses Santa, no matter how pretty they are.
I really want a pair of these sneakers. Doesn't sound like anything I would ask for, but when I was a kid I always wanted sambas. I wanted sambas and rainbow laces for them. I never wanted to ask for them because it always seemed silly to beg for cool sneakers, it's the same reason I never asked for a starter jacket (I hated football, I just wanted to look cool at the time.) I need a new pair of sneakers since mine are pretty beat up, but they're something I'd never buy myself because when I need new sneakers I just buy cheap ones at Walmart. I try to save most of my shoe budget for high heels.
Sambas are men's shoes so just in case you're wondering I wear a men's size 7 1/2. Thanks for listening Santa, I promise I've been mostly good this year, if nothing else I've always had good intentions.

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