Monday, August 13, 2012

S'mores cookies

Yum! The title just sounds delicious right? So for a little bit of backstory, my boss's daughter had her nintendo ds stolen at daycare. She's like a mini version of me and always sends in penguin drawings she does for me to hang in my office so we're bffs. This is the ds she bought with her own birthday and first communion money so it was a big deal.
Kudos to her though because instead of feeling sorry for herself she decided to raise the money to buy a new one herself by selling lemonade and having a bake sale at the daycare. I has to support a little entrepreneur!
So here are some photos of my contribution to her namesake, s'mores cookies and apparently they were very popular.
I used the original toll house recipe and substituted chopped up Hersey bars for the chips and added mini marshmallows. If you are looking to recreate these cookies, I have found the key is to bake them for 8 minutes but at the 4 minute mark you have to pull them out and put some mini marshmallows on the cookies then put them back in the oven. That way the marshmallows don't burn.

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