Monday, August 13, 2012

California pt 2

As you can tell by the tense in this post a wrote it a couple weeks ago while traveling back from Baltimore, but with all the stuff going on with the new job it's taken me a bit of time to get it posted. So here goes!

Only a little over an hour left on my drive since I'm outside Kingston, NY so let's see how much more blogging I can get done while I'm motivated. Michael and i got to spend memorial day with my grandmother and my cousins. (see photo, thanks to Michael for taking it!) Grandma went all out as usual, turkey dinner with multiple sides, and coconut cake made by one of her church lady friends. I spent some time in the kitchen with grandma and Michael got to know my cousins then we all got to play ping pong after dinner. My grandma plays a mean game of ping pong, she got a table a couple years ago when she read something about how it helps senior citizens ward off Alzheimer's by playing 15 minutes every day.
Also! Last weekend was grandma's birthday, on Bastille day, July 15th. Not sure exactly how old she is cuz she won't fess up, but I made sure to send her a card and a present. Can't wait to get back out to California again.

The other cool thing I discovered was in San Jose. Michael knows I love odd Americana items (last year he brought me to the big foot museum) and right across from his office is the worlds largest permanent monopoly board. That was super exciting as I'm a monopoly freak. I own about 15 different versions and love playing. I'm a very serious Titan of monopoly industry! We used to play on a huge human size board in our middle school gym as a fundraiser and in high school we were able to become coaches for the middle school teams. I actually held practice nights for my teams when I was a coach to teach them about monopoly strategy. It's always been my favorite board game and I play very hardcore and I do not loose well, luckily I don't loose often. The giant monopoly board and dice were super awesome and took away a little of the bummer of leaving as I wandered around San Jose until Michael had a lunch break and took me to the airport.
Also I almost forgot to include a photo of these awesome planters outside Michael's office! Don't they look like sushi rolls?

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