Monday, August 13, 2012

California part one!

Just getting around to posting about my California trip, it's a wonder what you can get accomplished in a 5 hour car ride with an iPad. So here goes..... California part 1!
Got to spend memorial day weekend in California with Michael for fanime in san jose and my birthday weekend. I flew in Friday morning and out Tuesday morning, always a bit of a rush, but always worth the trip. We had two day passes for fanime, the goth kitty outfit was saturday's costume, i also made Michael's shirt myself (and he got compliments on it,) and then for Sunday I wore my geisha dress and Michael dressed in his will turner garb. He always gets stopped for photos in that and actually looks surprisingly like Orlando bloom (see photo for proof). He always jokes he photographs like a serial killer, but not in his pirate gear, he always looks good in those photos. The Saturday photo is after we ate at the maid cafe, I think my favorite thing about the maid cafe, other than the maids that play games with you, is watching all the socially awkward guys flirt with the maids who are being friendly (that's the whole point of the maid cafe guys). I had to get my entertainment that way since Michael said I couldn't sign up for sci fi speed dating at fanime.... Something about me having to be single to sign up for that. I don't want to find anyone there, but what girl wouldn't want to spend 5 minutes on a date with chewbaca or a storm trooper. I think I'd only make it about 5 minutes but it would be quite an experience hehehe.

Other awesome thing about being at fanime for the weekend was getting to go to psycho donuts! It was near the end of the day and they didn't have too many choices, but I decided to go for the "sushi sampler" the donuts were a little dry, probably because of the massive quantities they had to make, they were slammed all weekend plus had a booth at fanime as well. Still yummy and points for creativity with the sushi box.

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