Friday, July 27, 2012


While the whole point of this blog is to help myself unwind and take some me time away from work and home stress, I would like to take one post to talk about my work.
I got a promotion at work! I will be the community development officer for the credit union. It's a new position, but what it breaks down to is that I'll be going out to our business groups full time and opening accounts and doing loans on site as well as teaching financial literacy classes.
I will be getting an office at the administration building and will be doing quite a bit of traveling with my new position. I will miss all of my regular members in my office, but am looking forward to a new challenge.
I'm very excited because that has been one of my favorite parts of my current job and now I will be able to do that full time. If I could have chosen my dream job this would be it and I'm lucky to have gotten the promotion.

There enough about work, I just had to share!

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