Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bill's pizzeria

My dad loves making pizza and for Christmas this year I got him a new pizza stone since his last one broke. The pizza stone always makes the pizza taste better. He likes to get inventive his his pizzas so here are his two latest creations.
One is pulled pork pizza, made with some pulled pork leftover from my party food on Wednesday. Just BBQ sauce, pulled pork, and cheese, god it was great.
The second one was a pita pizza that he made. It was chili on a pita with sharp cheddar cheese instead of pizza cheese. I only tried a little bite since I'm not much for chili, but this was pretty good. The pita was also a healthy alternative to a full blown pizza dough since it has less carbs, not that I would want to give up my carbs, but it was a good twist for the evening.

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