Friday, July 27, 2012

Bacon, bacon, bacon!!!

Any excuse for me to talk about bacon right? You guys all know I can't go a day without thinking of or talking about my favorite food group, that's right..... Bacon!!!

I stopped in North East, Maryland (that's actually the name of the town) to go to woody's crab shack (highly recommended, but more about that in a later post) and wasn't super hungry so I decided to walk around main street and enjoy some of the local color. I wandered into the local general store and stopped by their candy counter and noticed they had bacon bark! Calling my name.... I looked at the tag which said bacon bark: chocolate, mango, cyanne pepper, and something else.... But let me tell you what it doesn't have in it.... Bacon! Bacon bark with no bacon. The lady behind the counter told me "you wouldn't believe it but all the ingredients combined taste exactly like bacon". Really? She didn't offer me a sample though, so much for customer service and it was like 9.99 a pound and I wasn't gonna pay that much for something that didn't even have bacon in it! So I have no idea how it tasted, she then told me "I don't eat pork products... But my friend Casey swears it tastes just like it".
Let me tell you something little girl, no one tells me "new truths" about bacon, especially someone who tells me they don't eat "pork products"... have a little respect.

Now on to some things that do contain bacon.... Recently I have had some bacon sightings. First up is bacon jerky, I found it in a shop rite in Pennsylvania and it looks yummy. Actually it kind of looks like they put bacon in a bag and are selling it as jerky.... Having made my own jerky with my ronco food dehydrator (I love infomercial items) I know the general process and assume that they dehydrated the bacon a bit, but still not sure they could get it to jerky levels. I think bacon has too much fat. Regardless my loyal readers know I embrace every new bacon product (at least ones that are really bacon, see above)

I also found bacon dressing at the Amish general store in Lancaster county, yum.

When driving back from camping fourth of July weekend I drove past a road and had to turn around to get a photo of the sign because I couldn't believe it.... You guessed it, bacon brook road. I figured the road must contain bacon, or at least a pig since I was in a very rural area upstate. I almost stole the sign, I had all the tools, but it seemed like bad karma so I just took a photo. I had to go back and check the photo and make sure I wasn't hallucinating and it was actually beacon brook rd or something, so here it is for evidence!

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