Sunday, June 24, 2012


So I'm still a little behind on posts... More about my cape trip and California trip to come, but in the mean time...
Took a drive out to schoharie this morning, a lot of the farms still haven't recovered from hurricane Irene last year where most of the farms were underwater, but shaul's had a small stand out today and I got some fresh zucchini and fresh from the ground garlic. Delicious and the price right from the farm beats any grocery store chain.
Tonight I decided to make good use of my fresh ingredients, I made stuffed zucchini, made with sausage and mushroom stuffing I make from scratch. One of these days I'll make the healthy version with ground turkey, but Gabriels meat market makes in house pork sausage that is spectacular so for now that's how I roll!
I also made some tollhouse cookies from my coworker who took a night out to come over and repair the electrical outlets in my kitchen that were completely dead. He wouldn't take any money, but when I offered to make him cookies he said tollhouse were his favorite. This was my first time making chocolate chip cookies from scratch (believe it or not) I normally don't have the patience to swap out trays every 9 minutes. I get distracted and burn them. Not tonight though I was determined to make them perfect. Well they turned out great! I used the recipe on the back of the tollhouse chocolate chips and they're super yummy.

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