Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cape Cod

So every year the weekend before my birthday in may I go out to cap cod with my friends Ed and Shirley to celebrate my birthday and their wedding anniversary. This year was their 54th anniversary and we had a blast . We stay right across the street from the beach in a nice quiet very cheap motel.
This post isn't really about the trip to the cape, it's actually about the stop i made on the way home to Cabby Shack in Plymouth MA. It was featured on an episode of the best thing I ever ate "guilty pleasures" on the food network. The feature on the show was their clam chowdah, for those of you non new englanders it's always chowdah if it's good and the key mark is that it should be thick enough for your spoon to stand straight without tipping. It was wonderful and worth the trip. I would definitely consider it the best chowdah I have had ever and that is one of those foods I try almost everywhere I eat in new England to test them out.
If you're out that way I recommend it, I also had a lobster roll, not quite as good, still very good but that chowdah was a hard act to follow. It was the perfect day too since it was pouring rain outside which is when you want to curl up with a warm thick bowl of chowdah and snuggle. I didn't get to snuggle since I was in a restaurant, but you get the idea.

Also I had to post a photo of this awesome sign I saw in a shop on the cape, still makes me smile every time I look at it.

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