Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's about time

Well the last month has been super busy between work, having a craft show, moving, and traveling I haven't had time to post. I'll catch up more soon especially photos from my trip to California memorial day weekend, but for now..... The bacon sundae at burger king was available locally last Thursday so you know I had one for lunch that day... Probably not a balanced meal, but a yummy one at any rate. Overall I would give it a 7 which is pretty good considering it's a fast food sundae. 95% of the bacon was nice and crispy, I think a drizzle of caramel would have taken it much higher. Definitely a nice treat, I doubt I could eat them too often, but a nice treat when I'm having a rough day.
Below is a photo of my bacon sundae, I almost ate it in the car before I could take a photo hehehe. Also pictured are some bacon sunflower seeds that I picked up on my way home. Haven't eaten those yet though, been feeling a little queasy lately (no I told you so's, it wasn't the sundae I swear) but I'll keep you posted on the seeds. I wonder if i plant them in my garden... Maybe I could get giant sunflowers that smell like bacon.

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